This Crazy Time of Year…

Without fail, November and December end up being the craziest time of year in my family and in many other families as well.  The holidays are suddenly approaching, school schedules get crammed with a flurry of activities and I sit and try to figure out how to fit it all in and keep my sanity.  This year, I guess sanity wasn’t a huge priority because on top of the annual stressors that come with the holidays, I added another art class to my list of “to do’s.”  The irony here is that even though I’m busier than ever, when I am working on a project for this course, all the things I need to do to get through the holidays seem to become the least of my worries.  Some people consider art as therapy and I guess I’d have to count myself as one of those people.  It’s not only something I like to do, I believe it is something that I must do.  Here’s a couple of this month’s projects from Alyona Nickelsen’s colored pencil painting school:

These projects, while they may seem fairly easy, come with the challenge that we can only use 12 colors to create them.  All are Prismacolor Colored Pencils: white, black, canary yellow, poppy red, magenta, Tuscan red, dark green, true green, true blue, indigo blue, orange and violet.  The real challenge was to illustrate “white” eggs with all those colors. My skills continue to improve and I am about to start the challenge project.  I won the Challenge Project in the last class.  I’ve got some stiff competition from students in this class, but I hope I can pull it off. The project is a white rose against a black background, again using the 12 colors listed above.  I’ll get back to you on that.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and stay sane during this crazy time of year.

One Response to “This Crazy Time of Year…”

  1. Annette Matteson Says:


    Did you make that?

    This is such impressive work. I can’t wait to see more.


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