A Departure From My Norm…

I just finished this piece that I have entered in the CPSA (Colored Pencil Society of America) International Competition.  Works entered are evaluated by a judge and then, if selected (juried in) are shown at the international show and evaluated further for awards.  Just being juried into the show would be a HUGE deal for me, as I failed to make the cut last year.  I decided to depart from my animal art for this piece and do something completely different. This is my son’s Fender Stratocaster.  It’s all in colored pencil and done on Art Spectrum Colorfix Suede paper.  I loved how the paper, which has a velvety surface, combined with the wax and clay in the pencils creating a very painterly effect.  Here’s the piece entitled, “Reflections on Heavy Metal.”  Wish me luck in this year’s competition!  The results are not out until late April.

“Reflections on Heavy Metal” 15.5″x8″
Colored Pencil on Colorfix Suede Paper
Copyright 2012, Lisa M. Mills


6 Responses to “A Departure From My Norm…”

  1. N K Howard Says:


  2. You are SO FREAKIN’ TALENTED!! Good luck with the entry…keep us posted.

  3. Good Luck in the competition!

    I really love these pieces…You might know that I grew up watching my brother play his guitars…You captured this Stratocaster so beautifully !

  4. shirley orman Says:

    Never a doubt in my mind that this piece would be accepted. Congratulations, Lisa.

  5. LOve the novelty of the work and the clever title!! Best of luck.

  6. […] Mills Reflections on Heavy Metal (Color Me […]

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