Snow Day!

Here’s the latest off the drawing board, as promised.

It’s titled “Snow Day!”  In Texas, we rarely see snow – particularly this much of it.  As the scene depicts, the kids aren’t the only ones excited about playing in the snow.  Animals love it too.  These two thought that the snowballs were as much fun to chase as tennis balls and they were about to get into a little skirmish over it.  I love their majestic tails swirling in the air in this scene.  This is done with colored pencils and Caran D’Ache Neocolor II wax “crayons” on Art Spectrum Colorfix Suede paper.

I’m continuing next with another tutorial for Alyona Nickelsen’s website,  I’m working on tutorials focused on animals for her subscribers.  If you’re an artist or are training as an artist, she has an excellent website and is a master at colored pencil techniques.  Also, check out this month (May, 2012) for my “Featured Blog” piece.  It was surreal getting the magazine in the mail and seeing my work in print!

The hectic schedule that the end of the school year brings to me as a mom has been challenging as far as getting my work done, but I’m continuing to trudge onward.  Until next time, enjoy Snow Day! as we start to edge into summertime.

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