Commissions & Pricing

I am happy to announce that I am now able to work with clients on commissioned pet portraits.  The process is easy and can work a couple of different ways.  If you have a beloved pet that has “crossed the rainbow bridge,” I would need to obtain photographs of your pet from you.  Electronic photo files are great if you have them.  If not, I can work from print photos.  I will copy those to use as I work and return the originals to you promptly.

If your pet is alive and well and begs to be portrayed in a portrait, I can accept a photo from you, or if you live in the DFW metro area, I can come photograph your pet and work from my photos.  If you are providing photos, the more the better.

Once we determine the photographic references, we will discuss (either in person or via email) what you want as a portrait: size, composition, color vs. black and white, etc.

Once I start the creative process, I will ask you to approve a sketch of the composition to make sure we’re both in agreement on layout, etc.  After you have approved the sketch, I will require a 30% deposit, with the balance due after the final product is complete and you’re satisfied with it.

Once I am about 95% done with the actual artwork, I will meet with you or email a photo of the artwork to you in order to make sure you approve the final image. It is not unusual for a portrait to need some “tweaking” at this point in the process.  It is very important to me that I capture your pet – not just an image – but really capture the personality of the animal.

Click HERE for a full price listing on artwork.  I use archival quality papers, pencils, charcoal, and pastels.  The pencils, charcoal and pastels are lightfast and will not fade over time.  Once the artwork is completed, it is sealed and glazed and will be ready for framing.  It is my intent for you to be able to enjoy this custom art in your home for years to come.

PLEASE NOTE:  Deadline for commissions for Christmas gifts is September 30th.  Thank you for your understanding.


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